Danny Murphy has dismantled Mark Warburton on talkSPORT this morning after the QPR manager said he was “staggered” by the EFL decision to restart games on June 20.

Talking on the White & Sawyer show (talkSPORT, Monday, 10am), Jim White said Warburton was “raging”.

Warburton himself said: “I’m staggered, I think everyone was when the news was announced.

“There was little consultation, our CEO had no idea, I had no idea. We’d told our players that June 27 would be the earliest. It’s ludicrous.”

Murphy said he “can’t keep having this argument” and did a very good job of dismantling Warburton’s defence.

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“I don’t agree with him at all… I played for 20 years as a professional and from the age of five before I was a pro,” Murphy said.

“One thing you have to remember is that all professional footballers love playing football. They’ve been on lockdown and have been able to spend every day getting a base level of fitness. That leads to you going on to do full contact training.

“They’ve got three weeks… I’m sorry, I can get fit in three weeks ready to play football if that’s what’s needed.

“They shouldn’t have been having time off, they can run, do circuits to keep fit. One thing they’re forgetting is everyone’s in the same boat – use your subs well, use your tactics differently. I can’t keep having this argument.

“They’ve been in lockdown for 10 weeks getting fit. They should be going in tip-top. Just get on with it, for God’s sake.”

The Leeds United players are raring to go and it looks like they’re going to have no problems with fitness.

Leeds posted a picture of Jack Harrison at Thorp Arch last week and he looks like he’s in even better condition than he was before lockdown.

Tyler Roberts tweeted, “Things you LOVE to see” after the restart date was announced on Sunday night and he’s suffered terribly with injuries since he arrived from West Brom.

What’s the difference at QPR?

We’re completely on-board with Murphy. It’s the same for everyone, although we will concede that communication from the EFL should have been better.

Jim White said that only the teams represented on the EFL board – Derby, Reading and Bristol City – were consulted beforehand.

That’s not good enough but it doesn’t make any difference to the start date which really shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone.

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