By David Woods

25th Jun, 2020 | 8:55am

'What's amazing...' – David Baddiel wades into Leeds controversy but gets it horribly wrong

Comedian David Baddiel commented on the Crowdie-storm created by Leeds United after they put a cardboard cutout of Osama Bin Laden in the stands at Elland Road ahead of the game against Fulham on Saturday. 

The offending Crowdie has since been removed but the story was picked up by major outlets such as the BBC on Wednesday.

Baddiel, former host of the popular Fantasy Football show on the BBC, reacted on his Twitter account saying, “What’s amazing about this is that someone at Leeds is educated enough to realise that even a fake crowd should not be entirely white, but not educated enough to know who Osama Bin Laden is.”

Oh, David…

Unfortunately, as is the way in the modern world, Baddiel has waded into a controversy without actually knowing what’s going on.

Leeds fans paid £25 to get cutouts made of themselves to put into the crowd to help support their club.

Leeds haven’t created this crowd themselves.

The diverse crowd shows the true Leeds that some would rather deny. It’s a family club, proud of its diverse support, with the best fans in the world.

Obviously, there are some pranksters in the fanbase too.

And we’d imagine there’s a good chance that Bin Laden isn’t the only joke Crowdie that was sent through.

We also think that Leeds will now be going through the rest of the crowd with a fine toothcomb ahead of the massive clash that’s set to be broadcast live on Sky Sports on Saturday.

As for Baddiel… You see that person over there? The one who just got it all horribly wrong? That’s you, that is.

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