Alan Brazil delivered a relegation warning to Leeds United on talkSPORT this morning, to the surprise of Ray Parlour. 

And it got Gabby Agbonlahor’s attention as he carries on his one-man mission to try and wind up as many Leeds fans as possible before Christmas.

Talking on the Breakfast show, Parlour kicked things off by saying, “Leeds have done really well [this season].”

Brazil replied saying, “They’ve got to be careful. People are always talking about what a great side, energetic, full of zip and full of energy, but you look at the table you don’t want a slump.”

“Al, when you come up to the Premier League it’s all about staying up,” Parlour said. “You can’t say Leeds will go down at the moment.”

“Not at the moment, but if they have a bad Christmas…” said Brazil. “I want Leeds to stay up I want them to be halfway and that’s where I think they can finish.

“But I look at the bottom of the table, look at the results we’ve had recently, ridiculous, a club at the bottom could have a run… three-four games, win two, draw two or win three, draw one, you’ve got to be on that button all the time.”

Agbonlahor replied to the post on Twitter saying, “Great way to wake up and read this @talkSPORT thank you Alan Brazil lol.”


We’re not going to say there’s no chance of Leeds getting relegated this season.

However, bookies generally have their prices about right in the Premier League and they’ve got Leeds at 20/1 to go down.

That means, if the league was played out 21 times from this point, Leeds would go down once. That seems about right to us.

Funnily, the same bookies make it more likely that Aston Villa will go down, with the same outlet pricing them at 18/1 and others going as low as 12/1.

Sorry, Gabby, we don’t want to make you choke on your breakfast.

We’re actually coming round to Agbonlahor as he makes it his mission to make a name for himself as a pundit on the back of Leeds fans.

Pundits survive on reactions and Agbonlahor knows that there’s no group of fans more active on Twitter than the Leeds supporters.

That’s his strategy and it’s working well for him.

Getting famous on the back of Leeds United – we’re not sure if Gabby is switched on enough to get the irony of this, though.

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