By Mark Smith

27th Apr, 2020 | 5:00pm

Steve Evans shares controversial thought on expunging results despite 'love' for Leeds

Steve Evans has shared his beliefs that fixtures should be expunged if the season hasn’t started by July, despite how it could hurt Leeds United.

The former Whites boss claimed that we can’t wait forever before admitting that three clubs he loves could be affected the most – Leeds, Celtic and Peterborough.

The EFL has already confirmed their commitment to finishing the season with nine left to play in the Championship, but that didn’t cross the mind of the now Gillingham boss.

Evans shared that the points per game average can’t be used to finish the season despite more than 80% being concluded and that it must be declared null and void.

“If we are not playing by July then I think then results expunged,” he told Kent Online.

“It would hurt the teams that I love enormously, teams like Leeds United.

“But, at the end of the day, if you can’t play the games, forget points average, forget everything. This is unprecedented and it should be season expunged and people start again, start again as we started last summer.”

There would be uproar at Elland Road if the season was expunged and they were told to start again next season. Leeds have never been closer to the Premier League and hold a seven-point gap to third with only nine left to play.

Prediction expert Nate Silver highlights just how close Leeds are to promotion. He predicted that the Whites currently stand a 98% chance of earning automatic promotion [FiveThirtyEight].

Evans may have the best intentions at heart, but the ramifications of taking away potential promotion from Leeds would be massive and we must conclude the final nine games.

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