By Mark Smith

29th Apr, 2020 | 8:00pm

Police Constable makes title claim for Leeds & Liverpool which could take away celebrations

Police Chief Constable Mark Roberts has claimed that Leeds United and Liverpool could be forced to play their games at neutral locations to avoid fan celebrations.

Roberts claimed that there are reserves surrounding the potential of fans gathering outside of Elland Road despite games potentially being played behind closed doors.

The Evening Standard revealed on Wednesday that the EFL are planning on using regional hubs in order for the games to be completed with nine left to play.

Roberts claimed that only matches with the possibility of titles or promotion being secured are the only ones at risk of being relocated.

“We’ve done the work assessing the remaining fixtures – I think it’s 92 to finish the Premier League season and 341 in the Football League, seven to complete the FA Cup,” he told the Daily Mail.

“Playing all those fixtures would present challenges, that’s an awful lot of people moving around the country, and certainly if they were all played at the originally planned stadiums then I think that does present some challenges.”

Nothing is certain and Roberts clearly shares the same nervous feeling that the government reportedly have as well.

The BBC reported that the government are scared over the possibility of large crowds forming outside of stadiums despite the games being played behind-closed-doors.

That is expected to last until October according to the Yorkshire Evening Post, so it hard to imagine how many games the police will recommend to be moved.

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