If it was an agonising and ultimately thrilling rollercoaster ride for Leeds United fans at Elland Road last night, spare a thought for the Millwall fans.

Actually, let’s not. But we’ll make an exception for one away supporter who was nearly in tears at the full-time whistle.

It was his 40th birthday and he decided to record a tribute to Leeds that won’t go down well with all of his London compatriots.

He said Leeds are “phenomenal” and pointed to the noise the fans were making saying it’s a “one-club city”.

Leeds fans were loving it, though, and it was refreshing to see an honest and emotional tribute from an opposition fan – made more remarkable that it came from a Millwall supporter.

He warned that his views might not be popular with Millwall fans but he said to Lions TV (WARNING: NSFW), “Leeds are phenomenal. Leeds are a brilliant, brilliant side.

“They were devastating going forward. And look at the following they’ve got, they’re a one-club city. They beat us three goals to two but it’s time to take a breath and take some reflection. Brilliant game.”

Plenty of Leeds fans reacted to the video clip, with one saying, “Wow, from a Millwall supporter, spot on really”…

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