Adrian Durham has hit back at Leeds United fans who have pointed out one of his opinions that has spectacularly backfired. 

Ahead of the season, the talkSPORT broadcaster said that he thought Leeds would be relegated and that Marcelo Bielsa would leave.

He said that the summer recruitment hadn’t been good enough.

Leeds beat Man City 2-1 on Saturday to sit on 45 points with seven games left. And they’ve done it in the best possible way, playing thrilling, attacking football.

Several Leeds fans have sent this story back to Durham over the weekend, with one saying, “How do you feel about this now talkSPORT Drive?”

That saw a big Durham pile-on, with Leeds fans delighted to throw this story back in his face.

Durham tried to take the sting out of the story by ignoring what he said and throwing it back at the Leeds fans with a backhanded compliment.

“Usually fans of small clubs who do this sort of stuff. Surprised at Leeds fans to be honest.”

Shock Jock

Durham makes his money with shock opinions that are designed to get a reaction from fans.

However, he really should take his medicine. He got this one horribly wrong and Leeds have been the surprise package of the Premier League.

It’s a bit rich to throw it back at Leeds fans but it’s a decent attempt to shut down what could have turned into a chorus of disapproval.

Leeds fans have been spending time recently trawling through old quotes about Leeds, of which there were many.

It’s funny but it’s time to look forward now.

To Durham’s credit, he’s been a staunch fan of Leeds since the season began and it became obvious how we were going to play.

We’ll forgive him for this one transgression.

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