Leeds United fans have suffered more than most. 

They missed out on their club being promoted back to the Premier League after 16 long years in the wilderness.

They also missed out on seeing their club make its return to the Premier League when they witnessed a thrilling 4-3 defeat to Liverpool in the first game of the season at Anfield.

It’s been a tough year but it looks like there might be finally light at the end of the tunnel.

Athletic journalist Phil Hay relayed some excellent news from BBC political journalist Paul Waugh on Monday.

Waugh said, “@MattHancock in answer to @hilarybennmp all but confirmed that Leeds will go into Tier 2 from Tier 3. Very, very strong hint that would happen. So for some of the country, good news this Weds.”

Phil Hay quote-tweeted the post saying “Good news” and plenty of Leeds fans have reacted.

If Leeds do get moved into Tier 2 then it means that Elland Road can open its doors again finally, albeit only to 2,000 fans.

But, while Leeds get to celebrate, other areas are going to suffer, with London set to move into Tier 3, which would signify the closure of all the capital’s stadiums.

The ruling is going to come too soon for the Newcastle game on Wednesday night but it would see fans back into Elland Road just after Christmas, for the Burnley game on December 27.

The only issue then is how to allocate the tickets.

That’s for another day though. For now, these fans are thrilled to celebrate what will hopefully be the first step into getting Elland Road full again…

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