Leeds United fans have hit back at the idea of the Premier League scrapping relegation this season due to matches being played behind closed doors at neutral venues.

Over the weekend, BBC Sport reported that teams facing the threat of relegation to the Championship are against the idea of playing at neutral stadiums because it is “unfair” when their Premier League status is at risk.

Brighton have come out to say that it would hurt the “integrity” of the competition.

The Athletic journalist Phil Hay has been asked by a Leeds fan whether this stance by the Premier League’s worst clubs is going to hurt Leeds’ and West Brom’s promotion bids.

The former Yorkshire Evening Post reporter said: “It would cause big problems, for sure. Leeds would argue for an expanded EPL but you’re up against the top six clubs who already think they’ve got too many games to cope with.”

Hay has a point about the league being expanded because you hear top clubs moaning time and time again about how many matches they have to play.

But who are the Premier League most likely to listen to? Clubs like Aston Villa and Norwich who have been there for just this season, or the top-six heavyweights like Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City?

Leeds fans are furious at the suggestion that relegation could be scrapped and have called out those struggling clubs for their stance.

Here is a selection of their tweets:

In other Leeds United news, Gary Neville has said how Leeds are better than Liverpool.


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