Leeds United fans on Twitter are relieved after Phil Hay shared the news that Premier League clubs have voted against Project Big Picture.

The Athletic journalist took to his personal Twitter account on Wednesday to relay a Premier League statement, which said: “Premier League clubs agreed that Project Big Picture will not be endorsed by the Premier League, any of its clubs or the FA.”

Manchester United and Liverpool, with the support of EFL chairman Ricky Parry, proposed the controversial shake-up of English football this week.

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If the changes had gone ahead, more power would have been given to the so-called big six teams in the Premier League while England’s top-flight would be reduced to 18 teams.

Of course, Leeds and the majority of other Premier League teams were dead against the idea and it was expected that they would reject the proposal.

One Leeds fan claimed that “turkeys don’t vote for Christmas” in relation to the update.

Here is a selection of their tweets:

Ex-Leeds player Tony Dorigo also had his say on the proposal being rejected by calling it “Project Big Baloney”.

This is the Premier League now, unfortunately.

The top-flight has changed a lot since Leeds were last in it over 16 years ago, with money and greed pretty much influencing most decisions among the top.

We’ve already seen with the pay-per-view that clubs no longer care about the needs of fans and the good of the English game.

Only one thing matters in this dog-eat-dog division. Money.

In other Leeds United news, fans have been reacting to news this player is reportedly in advanced talks to quit Elland Road.


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