By MOT Leeds News speaking to Paul Robinson

12th May, 2020 | 8:10am

'Nothing's ever straightforward' – Exclusive: Pundit reacts to Phil Hay claim about Leeds & EFL

We’re delighted to welcome former England goalkeeper Paul Robinson as our exclusive columnist. Each week he’ll be giving his views on the biggest talking points at Leeds United…

Paul Robinson has said that Leeds and their fans would accept finding out about promotion via an email from the EFL but would much rather do it on the pitch. 

Robinson was reacting to a claim made by Athletic journalist Phil Hay, who said he fears there’s a “high risk” now that this is what will happen to Leeds.

Talking on the latest episode of his podcast, Hay said, “It just feels unfortunate to me that as it stands there’s quite a high risk that promotion is going to be confirmed via an email from EFL Towers, which isn’t befitting at all of the effort Bielsa has put in… it’s not befitting of the effort the players have put in.”

Talking exclusively to MOT Leeds News, Robinson said, “It’s never straightforward at Leeds. It’s not the way any Leeds fan would want to go up and it certainly wouldn’t want to be the way Leeds find about it, but they’ll take it.

“They’d want it in packed stadiums with a party on the streets but that’s not going to happen. In a way, they’re getting into the Premier League by the back door if the Championship is scrapped but they’d still take it.

“This season looked like it was going to end in a huge celebration, after all these years, Bielsa’s crowning glory is that he finally got Leeds back in the Premier League.

“It’s certainly not the ideal way to find out about promotion but there won’t be any shortage of celebrations when it’s finally safe to do so. It just won’t happen this season.”

Leeds fans will have long imagined the moment when they finally get back to the Premier League.

A tweet or email from the EFL isn’t the way they would have thought it would have happened but this is a strange season.

There’s still a chance that the Championship could complete its fixtures and enable Leeds to win promotion on the pitch, but it will definitely happen behind closed doors.

Promotion is the end game though and that looks likely now no-matter how Leeds find out about it.

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