By MOT Leeds News speaking to Paul Robinson

4th Jan, 2022 | 9:40pm

Maxwel Cornet 'asking for trouble' amid incident in Leeds United win v Burnley - pundit

We’re delighted to welcome former England goalkeeper Paul Robinson as our exclusive columnist as each week he’ll be giving his views on the biggest talking points at Leeds United...

Paul Robinson has slammed Maxwel Cornet for celebrating in front of Leeds United fans when he scored for Burnley on Sunday.

Sean Dyche’s side drew level in the second half when Cornet scored a long-range free-kick.

After the ball hit the back of the net, the half-time substitute ran over to the home supporters to celebrate in front of them, leading to an alleged incident that saw Burnley’s Matthew Lowton hit by a bottle that was thrown from the stands.

It’s the second time this season that an object was thrown from the Elland Road stands at an away player while there have also been allegations of racial and homophobic abuse from a minority of Leeds fans this term.

Robinson has hit out at the person who allegedly threw the bottle at Burnley players as Leeds won 3-1 on Sunday but also feels as though Cornet should have been wise enough not to celebrate where he did.

Speaking to MOT Leeds News, Robinson said: “There’s no excuse for throwing a bottle but you know where your fans are in the ground.

“Tou wouldn’t necessarily go in front of home fans and taunt them, which we’ve seen twice recently. Rodri did it for Man City in front of Arsenal fans; that was uncalled for and I don’t think Maxwel Cornet’s celebration helped the situation.

There’s no excuse whatsoever for throwing anything onto a football pitch, you shouldn’t do it and whoever did it should be banned and dealt with accordingly.

But I think the players should know where they should and where they shouldn’t celebrate.

When you’re playing in such a hostile atmosphere, you’re asking for trouble.

It shouldn’t happen but you know where your own fans are so go and celebrate with them.”

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