By Mark Smith

9th Aug, 2022 | 4:10pm

Jesse Marsch may be contacted by LMA after Leeds United incident v Wolves - Keith Hackett

We’re delighted to welcome former Premier League referee Keith Hackett to the MOT Leeds News team. Each week, Hackett will discuss the big moments from the latest Leeds United games and deliver his verdict on whether his successors got their calls right or wrong…

Keith Hackett has insisted that the League Manager’s Association may get in contact with Jesse Marsch after he caused outrage as Leeds United beat Wolves.

Bruno Lages was left raging after the American was accused of saying something that you “cannot say” after Hwang-Hee Chan went down under minimal contact from Marc Roca.

Hackett shared that if the Fourth Official would have heard it, it would have been dealt with on the pitch, but instead, it may now be down to the LMA to get it involved.

“No, I doubt it [will be in the referee report],” he exclusively told MOT Leeds News.

“I think there is a threshold and you can’t go on what ifs. The route for this manager here is to raise this with the LMA [League Manager’s Association] and then let them perhaps have a word in the ear of Marsch, a gentle reminder.

“If the Fourth Official has heard anything that is discriminatory or anything untoward then he has to bring that to the attention of the referee, that would bring action during the match.”


No one wants to accuse Lages of lying, and this issue should be dealt with if there is cause for concern.

Hackett did mention the Fourth Official and given he was immediately next to Marsch and closer than his opposite number and didn’t act, he can’t have said much.

The LMA may still get in touch with both managers and give them both gentle reminders of their actions on the touchline and the job to be good role models.

On the other hand, this is the opening matchday of the Premier League and tensions are high as you want to get your season of to a flying start – you don’t want to take that passion away.

Given the lack of follow, we doubt much will happen from this.

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