We’re delighted to welcome former England goalkeeper Paul Robinson as our exclusive columnist. Each week he’ll be giving his views on the biggest talking points at Leeds United…

Paul Robinson has said it would be “hugely unfair” on Leeds and West Brom if they were blocked from being promoted to the Premier League.

His comments came after an explosive power struggle was being reported in the Premier League.

On the week of a crucial Premier League vote, BBC journalist Simon Stone reported that teams near the bottom would be open to playing in neutral venues – said to be the only restart option – if relegation was taken off the table.

According to the Sun, that could stop promotion from the Championship, with the Premier League’s Rule B.2 stating the league would not contain more than 20 teams.

Talking exclusively to MOT Leeds News, Robinson said, “Leeds and West Brom have been clearly the best two sides in the Championship and I don’t think anyone could argue with that.

“The gap has been 10-15 points on occasions between second and third. And there’s always been a gap back to third. If you promote teams on merit it would hugely unfair if this wasn’t Leeds and West Brom.

“We’ve played 37 games and that’s easily enough to decide who the best teams are in terms of ability. That would just be one game left in the Premier League season.”

And Robinson thinks Leeds and West Brom should be promoted whether teams are relegated or not.

“Relegation has such a big impact on teams, but I don’t see why you can’t still promote two teams if there are no teams relegated. That would make it a 22-team Premier League if Leeds and West Brom are promoted.

“The Championship is a 24-team league so that’s still two teams less, but you do have to consider the duration of the Premier League.

“Would having two extra teams fit into a season that could start late?”

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This week’s Premier League vote is going to make things a lot clearer but it’s obvious from the explosive BBC report that a power struggle is going to be waged.

It appears to be the bottom six against the rest and if we had to pick a horse we’d always go with the teams that hold the most power.

The Big Six are all desperate for the Premier League to be finished and we can’t see relegation being taken off the table if matches are played in neutral venues.

Home advantage will be lost for everyone and it seems obvious that there’s no solution that’s perfect.

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