By Craig Scott

25th Apr, 2020 | 12:45pm

Exclusive: Paul Robinson says it's 'too late' for Leeds mainstay after damning report

We’re delighted to welcome former England goalkeeper Paul Robinson as our exclusive columnist. Each week he’ll be giving his views on the biggest talking points at Leeds United…

Paul Robinson has claimed it is now “too late” for Leeds United goalkeeper Kiko Casilla to apologise to Jonathan Leko for racially abusing him last year.

Casilla, 33, was hit with an eight-match ban in February after the FA found that he had used the N-word towards West Brom forward Leko, 21, while he was on loan at Charlton back in September.

The Daily Mail reported earlier this month that neither Casilla or Leeds United have offered any kind of apology to Leko, who said after the case was concluded that he might not report racism abuse again after the way the FA dealt with their investigation.

Ex-Leeds goalkeeper Robinson is also unhappy with the FA’s handling and is just as frustrated with Leeds’ number one goalkeeper and his former club for not reaching out to Leko to try and make amends.

“I think it’s a little bit too late now,” Robinson told MOT Leeds News.

“It’s been badly dealt with by the FA. It’s far too lax for a racism offence that nobody wants to see in football.

“And the fact that the player hasn’t received an apology, it’s either one of two things: Casilla doesn’t want to apologise or he still doesn’t feel as though he’s done anything wrong.

“But I think it’s one of those ones where it’s best to let it sleep because no matter what he does or says, he can’t change that particular incident. It just has to be highlighted for further awareness of racism in the game.”

We can see Robinson’s point but if Casilla one day wakes up and sees the error of his ways and feels genuinely sorry for the way that he acted, then why not apologise to Leko?

It should have happened immediately but it has been almost two months since the FA’s findings were released and with the UK currently in lockdown, Casilla would have had a lot of thinking to do.

We don’t expect him to ever apologise. However, we think he should and people would appreciate it even though it has come late.

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