By David Woods

8th Apr, 2021 | 8:10am

View: Fans will love what Bielsa does in the dressing room after every Leeds win

Whites fans will absolutely love what Marcelo Bielsa does in the dressing room if Leeds United win.

During the game, Bielsa stalks up and down his technical area and occasionally celebrates a goal.

After the game, you’ll see him take a moment to collect his thoughts before shaking hands with and occasionally embracing the opposition manager. He’s a very level-headed man.

But, Bielsa celebrates every single win, whether Leeds played well or not, and Patrick Bamford has said he’s “buzzing” in the dressing room after each victory.

Talking on the Official Leeds United Podcast, Bamford said, “If we lose a game or sometimes if we draw there’ll be a chat in the dressing room after. It’s not a long chat, just what he felt, if we gave everything, he’ll walk up and down and pat everyone on the head.

“If we win, even if we don’t play well, he’ll be buzzing and he’ll high-five everyone, come over and shake players’ hands and thank the physios.

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“He’ll just be really happy we’ve won and the debrief will happen later in the week.

“I think after all the energy he puts in it’s just a relief.”

The way Bielsa is, you could easily imagine him being unhappy with a performance even if Leeds get the three points.

The 2-1 win against Sheffield United would have been a good example.

However, the debrief comes later and it’s fantastic to hear how important each win is to Bielsa.

The fact that he pats each player on the head after losing gives us a warm glow. But we’d love to see the high-fives after each three points.

Maybe with Gajnni Alioksi on his way out Leeds could start a new Bielsa-cam?

Unfortunately, Bamford might well have to put up with a pat on the head this weekend when Leeds travel to the Etihad in what promises to be the toughest game of the season.

However, Bielsa will be plotting to get something from the game and he knows that his side can put a dent in the Man City charge.

The 1-1 reverse fixture was one of the best games of the entire season and we’d take a repeat of that now.

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