It’s no surprise to see relegation-threatened clubs in the Premier League desperately trying to preserve their top-flight status and block promotion for Leeds United, but it’s rather unedifying. 

The latest argument is that if the Premier League plays to a conclusion, the Championship must do the same.

Norwich, Brighton and potentially others are saying that it’s not fair if the bottom three get relegated on sporting merit while the Championship promotes clubs who aren’t mathematically promoted.

There’s one simple solution to this.

leeds united

The Championship is set to restart on June 12 but there’s a very tight timeframe to get all the games done.

However, Leeds don’t necessarily need all nine games to secure promotion.

They’re seven points clear of Fulham at the moment with nine games left.

They’re set to play Fulham when the season returns and a win against them would put them well on the way to mathematical promotion.

If Fulham were to win all the rest of their games, Leeds would need five more wins.

However, any slip-ups from the teams around them could mean that Leeds are home and hosed after four games.

That’s why, if the Championship does restart, it’s imperative that Leeds hit the ground running.

If they can secure promotion on the pitch, the Premier League strugglers will have far less power to block promotion for Marcelo Bielsa’s men.

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