By Dave Woods

5th Dec, 2019 | 5:00pm

Leeds fans suffer as TV dictates kick-off time for Arsenal FA Cup clash

It’s no surprise that Arsenal v Leeds has been picked up for TV – it’s a cracking tie that pits a Championship team on the up against Premier League giants on the ropes. It’s everything the FA Cup is about.

However, the date and time for the game couldn’t be much worse for Leeds fans.

BBC journalist Adam Pope reported that the game would play out on Monday, January 6 at 7.56pm.

That’s the day that a load of people will be going back to work after Christmas and a time when many won’t be able to take time off after enjoying their extended celebrations.

It’s about a four-hour drive if the traffic is good and that means taking another two days off work.

Leeds got the very worst of the draw, with six games picked for TV.

The first two games play on Saturday at 12.31pm and 5.31pm. The next three play on Sunday at 2.01pm, 4.01pm and 6.16pm.

Only Leeds fans will have to travel on the Monday evening.

(If you’re wondering about the odd kick-off times, it’s a ‘take a minute for mental health’ initiative.)

Here’s the full list of televised matches:

  • Rochdale or Boston v Newcastle – BT Sport (Sat, Jan 4, 12.31pm)
  • Wolves v Man United – BT Sport (Sat, Jan 4, 5.31pm)
  • Middlesbrough v Spurs – BT Sport (Sun, Jan 5, 2.01pm)
  • Liverpool v Everton – BBC (Sun Jan 5, 4.10pm)
  • Gillingham v West Ham – BT Sport (Sun, Jan 5, 6.16pm)
  • Arsenal vs Leeds – BBC, Mon, Jan 6 (7.56pm)

You can understand why Leeds fans are so annoyed. Here are just a few reactions to the news…

Leeds fans are used to having their plans uprooted for the TV cameras but with so many other slots available, and other teams will much less distance to travel, this decision does seem to be a really stupid one.

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