By David Woods

29th Jul, 2020 | 1:30pm

MOT View: Leeds fans rightly concerned about activity outside Bielsa flat – it has to stop

Bielsa is a legend in Leeds after he took the club back into the Premier League.

But the love affair with the fans began almost as soon as he joined started walking to Thorp Arch from his modest flat in Wetherby.

However, since promotion, a lot of Leeds fans have started turning up at his flat unannounced.

Bielsa seemingly takes it all in his stride but there are limits and the Leeds manager isn’t a man who likes the limelight.

We remember an interview with Jurgen Klopp during lockdown when he said it wasn’t much different for him as he couldn’t go out in Liverpool.

The difference between that and the sight of Bielsa shopping in Morrisons couldn’t have been further apart.

But, with the Premier League, comes Premier League-level scrutiny.

Bielsa has been all over the UK media for the past week, with one report linking him with a move to Barcelona – on the advice of Lionel Messi. That got taken down from The Sun’s website.

And the more fans that turn up at his house, the more likely it is that Bielsa will have to move out of public life.

There are many, many Leeds fans who think the same thing and are deeply worried about what could happen if fans don’t leave him alone.

This one post alone has had almost 200 comments and retweets.

And there are other popular threads on the subject too.

Some fans have tried to excuse the impromptu meets saying it comes from a good place and that Bielsa seems to be happy with the attention.

But that’s a very simple view that doesn’t take into account the fact that everyone needs their privacy – let alone the fact that we’re still in the grips of a pandemic.

We love the idea of Bielsa sitting in a small flat plotting the future of Leeds in the Premier League.

However, it’s not going to continue if fans keep bothering him. And it’s likely not going to continue anyway, as the pressure on Bielsa from the UK press is likely to ramp up in the Premier League whether Leeds start brilliantly or – god forbid – terribly.

We appreciate it’s hard for fans to express themselves while they’re shut out from Elland Road. And we know it all comes from a good place. But the least we can do is give Bielsa his privacy after what he’s done for Leeds United.

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