By Craig Scott

11th Dec, 2019 | 5:00pm

MOT View: Hull duo owe apology to Leeds star after conclusive replay proves them wrong

It is not very often you see players accusing a fellow professional of going out to intentionally injure opponents – but that is exactly what happened after Leeds United won 2-0 against Hull City on Tuesday night.

Patrick Bamford has been accused by Hull captain Eric Lichaj and manager Grant McCann of injuring goalkeeper George Long on purpose when Ezgjan Alioski scored Leeds’ second goal of the match.

Bamford struck the post with a shot at goal and as the ball rebounded to Alioski, the Whites striker ran into Long, who then required treatment on the pitch.

Speaking after the match, Lichaj told BBC Radio Humberside: “Professional footballers, you know what you’re doing.

“He knows what he’s doing, he could get out of the way but he doesn’t.

“It’s not good, especially if you’re leaving knees to people’s heads, this is not part of the game and needs to be stamped out.”

Lichaj was not the only person from Hull to be furious with Bamford and Long’s collision with boss McCann also weighing in.

“I think when Bamford has hit the post, he has ran straight into George to make sure he couldn’t get up and then as Alioski is shooting, he has backed into him,” said the Tigers manager after his side’s defeat.

“It is clear to see and we have all seen it, it reaffirmed it when we have seen it on the big screens. Disappointing.”

Intentionally injuring an opponent is something that should be taken very seriously, especially when something like a knee or a hip makes contact with a goalkeeper’s head when he’s trying to win the ball.

Yes, Bamford did collide with Long and yes, the Hull goalkeeper was definitely hurt by the collision. But did the Leeds striker do it intentionally? Absolutely not.

Yorkshire Evening Post journalist Graham Smyth has shared via his personal Twitter account a conclusive replay which shows that Bamford did not injure Long on purpose.

Bamford only had eyes for the ball as it ricocheted off the post and into the path of Alioski, who went on to score.

For a player and a manager to accuse a fellow professional of doing something on purpose, when that simply isn’t the case, is pathetic.

While we understand that they are only trying to stick up for their team-mate and feel aggrieved after a defeat, their accusations are completely baseless and they need to make a full apology to Bamford now.

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