By Jason Jones

8th May, 2020 | 9:00am

MOT View: EFL must rule out 'ludicrous' idea proposed to help restart Championship season

Of all the ideas that have been suggested on how Leeds United may be able to finish their season amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Gordon Taylor’s might be the most ridiculous by quite some distance. 

The PFA chief executive told the BBC earlier in the week that he would be in favour of the English game adopting halves shorter than 45 minutes in an effort to make matches easier to complete for players.

And while EFL chairman Rick Parry did admit that the proposal has not been properly discussed with his organisation, he has claimed that no “creative ideas” could be ruled out just yet.

But there is a difference between “creative ideas” and downright stupid ones.

To suddenly cut down the length of matches for the last nine games in a season would hugely compromise the sporting integrity of the league.

Playing matches at neutral venues is one thing, but to change the rules of the game itself partway through a campaign is absolutely no way to ensure a fair outcome.

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Moreover, if the idea is to limit the risk of injury and fatigue for players who have been sat at home for the past few weeks, surely that becomes a moot point when they are due to complete several weeks of preparation – in effect, a mini preseason – before any resumption of competitive action would take place anyway.

And talkSPORT host Adrien Durham has been similarly dismissive of Taylor’s idea.

Speaking during a show on Wednesday, he said: “It saddens me that people have really given this any credence or clout whatsoever.

“Gordon Taylor’s come out and said there could be shorter halves – we all know he’s talking rubbish.

“We have waited for weeks and weeks and weeks for him to say something from his very privileged position as PFA chief, and after the long wait all he’s come up with is this utterly ludicrous statement which has made him a laughing stock and shown he is not fit for purpose.”

The Premier League have already clarified their position on the proposal, stating categorically that the option of playing shorter halves is “not on the table”.

The truth is that Taylor should never have made such a ridiculously outlandish suggestion without having conferred with the relevant governing bodies first, but now that he has, Rick Parry and the EFL must distance themselves from it as soon as possible.

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