By Craig Scott

26th Oct, 2021 | 9:37pm

Mikel Arteta tries to get Cody Drameh sent off in Leeds United clash v Arsenal

It’s a mystery as to why Mikel Arteta wasn’t sent to the stands in the first half of the Carabao Cup clash between Arsenal and Leeds United at the Emirates on Tuesday night.

While Arteta isn’t under the pressure he was at the London club he was several weeks ago, the Spaniard’s desperation was clear for everyone to see on Tuesday based on what Sky Sports’ cameras caught him doing.

Cody Drameh made his senior Leeds debut on Tuesday with the 19-year-old right-back impressing for Marcelo Bielsa’s side.

However, Arteta wanted to see that debut ended early when he essentially lied to the fourth official about an incident involving the Whites teenager and Gabriel Martinelli.

Drameh caught Martinelli with his arm as they tussled for the ball in the first half.

While replays show that there was contact, Drameh wasn’t even looking at Martinelli and the impact of his arm hitting his chin was so minimal, it wouldn’t have even led to an ant breaking it’s stride.

However, Arteta protested furiously with the fourth official, swinging his arm to suggest Drameh had elbowed Martinelli on purpose and in a violent manner.

Luckily, Arteta was the only one who saw the incident that way and Drameh wasn’t punished with play only being stopped for Martinelli faking a head injury.

It was a ridiculous incident involving a team that very clearly struggles to win their matches in a sporting way and resort to underhand tactics to try and get opposition players sent off.

Arteta should have been sent to the stands for trying to influence the officials in the way he did.

It’s embarrassing and totally uncalled for.

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