By Dave Woods

9th Jul, 2019 | 11:53am

Jansson disruptive? Here's more evidence...

Pontus Jansson has stirred the pot one last time after leaving Elland Road to join Championship rivals Brentford. 

Sold because he was a “disruptive influence” [Phil Hay] is the line that’s come out from reliable Leeds sources.

However, Jansson himself had a different take on the situation in an interview with Swedish newspaper Aftenbladet.

As quoted by BBC journalist Adam Pope, Jansson said: “Leeds needed to sell to balance the books because of FFP and they saw that they could make some money out of me.”

Jansson added that the language barrier caused some problems between him and Marcelo Bielsa but added: “I regard Bielsa very highly, as one of the absolute best coaches I have worked with. He is special, believes in his idea to the max and I have learned a lot from him.”

That’s angered some fans who think that owner Andrea Radrizzani is just cashing in on one of their best players, but all the evidence suggests there’s far more to his sale than that.

  1. What would you say if you were Jansson?
    You’re giving an interview ahead of joining up with new teammates at a big club. Do you admit that you’ve been disruptive behind the scenes and that you were sold for dressing room issues? Or do you say that it was purely financial? Jansson isn’t a stupid man. The two aren’t mutually exclusive either. It’s entirely possible that Jansson was sold for being disruptive and his sale will have helped Leeds balance the books. The club isn’t going to give him away. It doesn’t mean money was the impertive.
  2. Jansson unlikely to know more about Leeds finances than anyone else
    Leeds expect to lose over £15m in the 18/19 season and Andrea Radrizzani said it would be a tough summer. However, so far they’ve resisted pressure from Aston Villa for Kalvin Phillips – a player they value at £30m – and have opened talks on a new contract with the midfielder. Admittedly that hasn’t been successful so far but it’s proof that Radrizzani is far from asset-stripping, which he’s been accused of by some fans. It’s unlikely that Jansson’s sale would have been sanctioned without the go-ahead from Bielsa.
  3. Interview gives more weight to disruptive claims
    Jansson doesn’t hold back from his emotions. He was banned after swearing in a post-match Sky interview. He staged a sit-in after the Derby play-off defeat. This is the latest and it doesn’t help the club. You didn’t hear Chris Wood, Sam Byram or Charlie Taylor speaking out after they were sold by the club. Professionals just move on and both sides wish each other the best. This interview is just ballast to the claims that he was disruptive.

MOT Verdict

We say: It’s time to put Jansson behind us and move on. He’s gone, we’ll never know the truth about what really happened but we know journalists like Phil Hay and Adam Pope don’t report things unless they’ve heard from impeccable sources. The money from Jansson’s sale will help and we hope Leeds re-invest in another centre-back. Ignore the noise.