By George Overhill

27th May, 2023 | 8:10pm

Leeds United takeover update: 49ers Enterprises to want Andrea Radrizzani out of the building amid 'tense' situation - Phil Hay

There is little chance of Andrea Radrizzani remaining at Leeds United as a minority owner because 49ers Enterprises will want him to “exit the building” says Phil Hay.

The sale to the American company is believed to be locked in if relegation is somehow avoided on the final day, but there is still not thought to be the same level of agreement if the club goes down.

The value of Leeds United will fall dramatically if they are a Championship side, and with that looking likely ahead of Sunday’s (28 May) clash with Tottenham the situation is “tense” and “urgent” behind the scenes, but Hay doesn’t see a scenario where the 49ers take over but Radrizzani sticks around.

Asked if Radrizzani could stay in a minority capacity on The Phil Hay Show (26 May, 21m 50s) he said: “I more and more get the sense that when this is done, or if it is done, it has to be done at a price that 49ers Enterprises thinks is fair.

“And also they will want him to exit the building. I don’t think they will want him to stay around in an active capacity because they will want to move on.

“I don’t think it’s much of a secret that things have been difficult recently, that it is quite tense, negotiations have become pretty urgent.”

Clean break

The middle ground where Radrizzani is the controlling shareholder but the 49ers are a significant minority presence has lingered on throughout the major decline over the past two seasons.

In itself it doesn’t explain the fall from ninth two seasons ago to successive relegation battles, but the uncertainty at the top has trickled down to most other areas amid a collective failing at Elland Road, so reversing the roles would not be ideal.

With the current owner appearing more occupied by a rescue bid for Sampdoria than Leeds United getting relegated this week it seems like he is mentally moving on already, so if a financial agreement can be reached it surely makes more sense for him to go.

But if he had plans for the windfall he would have received through a sale in the Premier League then those plans will go out of the window if they go down, so he will have to take the financial hit.

He has presided over an operation that has lost most, if not all, of what had made it so popular over the past 18 months so there is an argument that it is his price to pay in the reduced sale price.

Whatever arrangement is to be reached going forward it needs to be established urgently if relegation is confirmed on Sunday, with a huge to-do list already waiting at Elland Road.

In other Leeds United news, Radrizzani may have already made his final appearance at the ground.