By Callum O'Connell

20th Nov, 2023 | 7:40am

Kieran Maguire shares documents as Leeds United legal update emerges amid Everton news

Kieran Maguire has shared two documents that have been released after Everton were handed a 10-point deduction, with Leeds United among the clubs in place to claim compensation.

The financial expert explained that a letter of complaint had been sent by the six clubs who were relegated in the previous two seasons, with the intention of claiming financial recompense.

It was decided by the independent commission that Everton were guilty and therefore had gained a sporting advantage from the rule breaches, which is expected to trigger the other clubs’ complaints.

Maguire was speaking on The Price of Football podcast on 20 November as he explained the outcome of the Everton investigation, and shared news on the potential claim by Leeds and other clubs.

“If we go to the judgement which was made by the commission,” said Maguire, “It says effectively there is no doubt that spending more money in terms of both wages and transfers gives you a sporting benefit. Therefore, non-compliance with the financial rules meant that Everton had a sporting advantage.

“With regard to the other clubs, what’s not really being commented on is that if you go to the Premier League website, there are in fact two documents which were published at the same time. One of which was the conclusions of the commission.

“The other one was a complaint from six clubs: Leeds, Southampton, Leicester, Burnley and so on, that they suffered as a result of Everton’s overspending.

“What that second document said was effectively: let’s deal with the Everton case first, and perhaps revisit whether those clubs want to make another complaint once the Everton decision has been made.

“Now that decision has been made, but Everton of course have put in an appeal, so what we will find is that if those clubs are going to put in for some form of recompense, which one would assume would have to be financial, then that could be revisited at a later point in time.”

Wait and see

It appears by all accounts that Leeds do intend to claim recompense as they feel they have been the victims of Everton’s cheating, and a financial claim could be made for the losses experienced due to their relegation from the Premier League.

Backed by the likes of Leicester, Southampton and Burnley among other clubs to be relegated in that time, the group will have a strong case to claim as it has already been decided that the Toffees gained a sporting advantage as a result of their rule breach.

As Maguire said, it is now a case that this decision may be made somewhere further along the line, with Everton said to appeal the decision, so the outcome of that appeal could have a direct impact on Leeds’ legal case.

It does seem, though, that the club will have a good case to claim financial recompense from Everton, and has every intention of doing so when that opportunity or situation arises in the coming months.

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