Leeds United fans know all about Raphinha after a match-winning display from their new winger last weekend.

And Chelsea fans know all about him now after a tweet from the Premier League saying that his “clever movement could hold the key for Leeds against Chelsea.”

In the accompanying article it said, “Raphinha has looked incredibly sharp during his first two Premier League starts.

“If Chelsea do not close Raphinha down, he can deny the Blues a win that would send them top of the table.”

Very sound advice we’d say.

However, rather than take the warning, the majority of Chelsea fans seemed to be triggered by the tweet from the Premier League.

Blues fans swamped the replies with boasts of what they’re going to do Leeds on Saturday evening, but we’re not entirely sure a lot of them have seen Marcelo Bielsa’s side in action.

There were more than a few references to Leeds parking the bus at Stamford Bridge, so let’s just make it very clear – Bielsa doesn’t have a bus and certainly doesn’t know how to park one.

Whatever the result, Leeds will attack tonight and Raphinha will be an integral part of that.

Our guess is that by 10pm tonight, these Chelsea fans will have a very different view of the winger and of Leeds. Every other team who’s played them this season has come away with a lot of respect for Bielsa’s side.

Either way, we really hope Frank and his players are taking Leeds as lightly as these fans, although we rather expect not.

After all, he does analysis too.

This is what many some Chelsea fans made of the Premier League tweet ahead of kick-off:

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