Football finance guru Kieran Maguire has claimed that the current Covid pandemic could scupper any immediate new investment from the San Francisco 49ers in Leeds United. 

There has been heavy speculation about the American giant buying an additional stake in the club after buying an initial 10% share of the club in 2018.

The New York Times reported they were looking to increase their stake and a new fund set up late last year suggested that this could happen relatively quickly.

However, Maguire has now claimed this is unlikely.

Talking on the latest episode of the Roaring Peacock podcast he said, “Is there scope [for Leeds] to spend money in the January window? Yes, there is, there’s certainly wriggle room.

“Is there the cash to do so? This will come down to the owner’s own wealth and the willingness of other investors such as the San Francisco 49ers to put money in if they want to increase their number of shares.

“I don’t think the SF49ers will be hugely keen to do so because of the level of cutbacks in the States.

“From a public relations point of view, if they’re seen spending money on their UK investment and people are having to take pay cuts, people are losing their jobs, it will go down like a lead balloon.”


Summer the next window of opportunity

It’s a tough time for everyone at the moment and football clubs are suffering from a lack of matchday revenue.

Leeds will have had a long-term plan for getting into the Premier League and then progressing from there, based on Elland Road being sold out for 19 games.

However, the world goes on and the wheels of business are still turning.

The new ‘Leeds II’ fund was set up by the San Fran 49ers at the tail-end of last year so that shows that they’re still looking at new investment even with the Covid pandemic still sweeping the States.

Maguire started off by talking about whether Leeds had money to spend in the January window.

However, that’s not something that the club is planning to do, with all focus on first-team transfers now focused on the summer.

That gives Leeds and the 49ers plenty of time to get their ducks in a row.

Hopefully, by then, the Covid threat will have diminished and football can start looking to get back to a more normal existence.

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