By George Overhill

7th Feb, 2023 | 6:40pm

Chris Sutton blasts Patrick Bamford live on BBC for Leeds United comments prior to Jesse Marsch sack

Chris Sutton labelled Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford “a joke” for his comments after the defeat to Nottingham Forest prior to Jesse Marsch’s sacking.

The Whites forward spoke to BBC Sport following the 1-0 loss on Sunday (5 February) about being outnumbered by the Forest centre-backs and needing more runners to support him, which has been seen as a criticism of the manager’s tactics.

The American was then sacked a day later with the result meaning it was seven Premier League matches without a win, and Sutton has slammed Bamford for making his comments public at that time.

Speaking on BBC 5 Live’s Monday Night Club (6 February, 26min 10sec) Sutton said: “I think he’s a joke for bringing that into the public domain, I really do.

“He must know the implications and the issues that will bring, essentially criticising the manager and his tactics publicly.

“Keep it in the confines of the dressing room if that’s the way you feel. He’s sort of unburdening himself of any responsibility. I don’t like that.

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“He’s not daft is he? He knows the implications it will have, it will be taken as a criticism of the manager and his tactics.”

BBC Leeds’ Adam Pope stood up for the striker and Dion Dublin said he didn’t mind what had been said, prompting Sutton to add: “I don’t mind what he’s said, within the dressing room. As soon as you take it outside to the public domain people will pick you up on it.

“It becomes an issue. Things like this snowball. It’s great that he’s honest but people will read into what he’s said and make their own minds up. It’ll only cause trouble.”


What Bamford said could just as easily be interpreted as criticism of his own play and his teammates, but with Marsch being fired soon after it will inevitably look to lean towards him.

Whatever he meant by it, the fact that he felt the need to say it showed that all was not right within the Leeds United dressing room.

Marsch was ultimately responsible for that and has paid with his job, but whether Bamford’s public comments contributed to pushing the decision-makers into getting rid of him is impossible to tell.

Fans will largely appreciate the honesty of the Whites player, and if the manager’s departure was a necessary evil to change a deteriorating situation they won’t see it as a bad thing for Bamford to have nudged it on its way.

When everything is going well then players won’t be minded to suggest anything untoward behind the scenes, so it is ultimately little surprise that he spoke out with just goal difference keeping the club out of the relegation zone.

Sutton however will be far from the only person, especially with current or past experience of Premier League dressing rooms, who believes it should always be kept in house, so it could still be something that is remembered by a future manager when assessing the 29-year-old.

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