Bundesliga expert Raphael Honigstein was on talkSPORT on Monday morning and he highlighted a real problem that could threaten the 19/20 Championship season getting finished. 

The Bundesliga has got the green light to restrt on Saturday but has suffered a setback after it was reported that the entire Bundesliga 2 side Dynamo Dresden have been quarantined for two weeks after two players tested positive for Coronavirus.

That hasn’t stopped the fixtures going ahead this weekend and Honigstein said that the Bundesliga had started this early to allow wriggle-room for games getting postponed.

Talking on the Breakfast show (talkSPORT, Monday, 9am), Honigstein said, “It was always going to happen and there is room in the fixture list for extra games to be played.

“The real test would be if a prominent team like Dortmund or Bayern Munich goes down, or if there are too many teams like Dresden that can’t play.

“It could get to the point where the fixture list is so hard to fulfill that it gets pulled. The Bundesliga know it’s going to be very uncertain and very messy but they know that they need games to be played.”

The Bundesliga have given themselves the very best chance of getting the fixtures played.

They’ve got two-and-a-half months to complete the season in line with UEFA’s deadline of the start of August.


The Championship won’t have that luxury.

Following the current timeline, the Premier League and the Championship will start again in mid-June, giving them just a month-and-a-half to get the seasons completed.

It seems that some positive tests are going to be inevitable. Brighton have just reported a third player testing positive.

There simply won’t be the time to play many, if any, rearranged fixtures and that has to be seen as a real and credible threat to getting the season finished.

Thankfully, we don’t think that Leeds need the season to finish to win promotion, although we’d much rather do it on the pitch.

This just means the chances of securing promotion through an email from the EFL is a bigger possibility.

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