The EFL released a statement on Friday but it didn’t contain what Leeds United fans have been waiting for. 

The communication ran to 348 words but the only substance in there was this: No decision has been made on how the Championship will end and the critical vote has now been put back until June 8.

That’s a week on Monday and while the Championship was heading towards a June 20 restart, that surely looks in danger now.

There’s been no vote on a return to contact training yet and while the EFL said that they still want to play on wherever possible, no actual decisions have been made.

Clubs have now got until Tuesday to put forward suggestions to the EFL.

It leads us to ask one question… What is taking so long?

Clubs have their positions. Leeds want to play on. Hull want the season to be scrapped and decided on points-per-game.

Let’s get it done – have the vote and make a definitive decision.

That’s what many Leeds fans were saying on Twitter in response to the EFL statement.

One fan said, “We built Nightingale hospitals faster than this bunch plan for another meeting” and he makes a very good point.

The only good news is that there was no bad news for Leeds.

Here are the best reactions from disgruntled Leeds fans…

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