By David Woods

24th Mar, 2020 | 1:43pm

'No purpose': Senior Fulham ace on talkSPORT says exactly what Leeds fans want to hear– MOT View

It’s fair to say that the Leeds United team under Bielsa is the fittest in the Championship.

Bielsa makes huge demands on his players and his intense training sessions have been well documented since he first arrived.

With all training grounds on lockdown and football suspended, it’s down to the players to keep themselves fit at home.

The Leeds players are on tailored programs, which includes a continuation of the strict diet the players have been on all season.

Patrick Bamford has said the Leeds players are keeping the training load up as much as possible so they have an easy transition when they return to Thorp Arch.

The same positive message isn’t coming out of the Fulham camp.

Club captain Tom Cairney gave a very dispirited interview on talkSPORT on Tuesday morning.

Talking with Jamie O’Hara on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast show, he said, “We got sent through a program a week ago.”

O’Hara asked, “Are you doing it?”

There was a pause before Cairney said, “Yep.”

Cairney then went onto say: “I don’t have a time to get up, I don’t eat regularly, I miss meals.

“I just think you’re always training for the next game and when all of it is taken away you have no purpose.”

We’d be really worried if Liam Cooper was talking like this after 10 days in shutdown.

Instead, all the messages that have been coming out of the Leeds camp have been positive and eloquent.

There’s a long way to go before training grounds re-open, let alone football re-starts and one of the key factors to securing promotion will now be ensuring that the Leeds players stay fit and healthy.

We can’t think of anyone better suited for that task than Bielsa and his backroom staff.

In the meantime, this is exactly the sort of talk that Leeds fans want to hear from the only team that can realistically catch us.

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