By David Woods

6th Jun, 2020 | 10:10am

'Makes me sick; History should be deleted' – Some Leeds fans react to former star after Fri post

The official UEFA Europa League’s Flashback Friday hasn’t gone down well at all with Leeds United fans. 

It featured former Whites player Harry Kewell, who turned his back on the club in a way fans will never forget.

Kewell left Leeds in 2003 to join Liverpool but it was his next move, to Galatasaray in 2008, that’s left him as one of the most disliked former players of all time.

We don’t need to go into why Galatasaray are a no-go for Leeds fans. Suffice it to say, Kewell will have been very aware of what he was doing when he signed for the Turkish side.

It was no surprise that the majority of replies to the tweet were from disgusted Leeds fans and it might make UEFA think again before they trail anything with Kewell on again.

There are lots of responses from Leeds fans we can’t actually print, as you can imagine.

The rest show exactly what Leeds fans think of Kewell.

When some players say they won’t even play for their club’s rivals, his decision to move to Galatasary was jaw-dropping.

All the good that he did at Leeds was wiped out with that one move and it won’t be forgotten.

Here are the latest reminders for Kewell about how he’s remembered by Leeds fans, with one very powerful message for UEFA from one, who said: “This is a UEFA post? An ex Leeds player playing for team whose supporters killed two of his former team’s supporters… You joking?”

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