By Dave Woods

1st Nov, 2019 | 2:19pm

MOT Tactics – Return of Hernandez v QPR is very good news for Leeds

This article from Josh Hobbs is part of a regular series from Leeds outfit All Stats Aren’t We – the team also host a brilliant podcast that goes in-depth into the tactics of Marcelo Bielsa and a deeper look at the underlying stats

With Pablo Hernandez back for Leeds at the weekend, here’s a little graph that shows how different he is to any other wide player in the league.

He’s out on his own when it comes to making passes in the final 3rd, as he operates as a playmaker rather than a traditional winger.

Hernandez is also above the median for accuracy in this metric, which is surprising considering he also leads the league in ‘smart passes’, which are difficult passes that break lines. Players that make lots of these are likely to have lower accuracy %.

As shown by the dark blue colour of the dot marking his place on the graph, he also has the highest xA (expected assists) which shows that the passes he makes are so much more dangerous than the rest. His closest rivals on this graph, Downing and Palmer have much lighter shades.

Which show that whilst they make a lot of passes in the final 3rd, they don’t make anywhere near the quantity or quality of chances that Hernandez makes. He’s been a huge miss and if he can stay fit, we should expect to see Leeds take off once again.

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