Athletic journalist Phil Hay conducted an extensive Twitter poll of Leeds United fans that came up with a fairly surprising result.

Hay asked, “If you had the choice here and now, do you play out the last nine games or finish top on PPG?”

Leeds United and their players have made it very clear they want to play on but 31% of Leeds fans would like it ended now.

Hay himself said he was surprised at the results, saying, “Pretty conclusive (18k votes cast in total), although I didn’t think as many as 30% would vote for PPG.”

Some Leeds fans aren’t happy with the 31%, although you can see their argument.

16 years of hurt and life in the wilderness means that some fans just want to take any uncertainty out of the equation and they think playing on is the only way Leeds can miss out on promotion.

The risk is definitely there if Leeds do play on.

You’d like to think that they could finish in the top-two of a nine-game mini-league with a seven-point advantage, but their second game back (if fixture order stays the same) is Fulham and a defeat there would cut the gap to four points.

Even given that, we think that asking for the season to be curtailed early could be more dangerous for Leeds, with strugglers in the Premier League looking for any excuse to block promotion from the Championship.

And some Leeds fans think it shows a really negative view of just how good Leeds are.

The EFL vote is next week and we think the Championship will vote to play on, with possibly less than 31% of the league against it.

Here are the best reactions to the poll from the glass-half-full 69%.

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