Athletic journalist Phil Hay delivered the good news for Leeds United fans on Wednesday.

In a report on the Athletic, Hay confirmed that there had been zero positive Coronavirus tests from Leeds players to date and also revealed that they were putting in better running times than pre-lockdown.

He also said the Elland Road pitch looks like ‘the Garden of Eden’ and that Leeds are “itching for the restart”.

News doesn’t get much better than that, with just 17 days to go until the Championship kicks off again and one Leeds fans was moved to say, “My god this gets me excited Phillip”.

There’s also a little bit of pain, looking at the Elland Road pitch and realising how long we’ve been deprived of football this season.

However, this is the new normal now and we’re going to have to get used to watching the action from afar, possibly into next season as well.

In the meantime, Leeds look in absolutely perfect condition to secure promotion at a canter and on the pristine Elland Road pitch.

One Leeds fan put it perfectly when he said, “It just feels we’re much better prepared and ready for this than many other teams”. That seems to be the size of it at the moment.

Here are the best reactions from Leeds fans…

In other Leeds United news, EFL delivers statement on Leeds season-ending vote after report says restart plans in disarray 


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