Andrea Radrizzani has reacted to a Leeds United badge design on Twitter saying “I love it” and adding three clapping emojis. 

The concept design for the new badge was uploaded by Leeds fan George Etherington at the end of April.

Etherington said, “Missing @LUFC so decided to have a belated proper stab at a potential badge design alongside some kit concepts for next season.”

He tagged in the Leeds owner and while it might have taken Radrizzani a week to respond, he’s put Etherington on the map now.

After the utter disaster of the last badge release, which eventually got scrapped because of fan pressure, Radrizzani was probably waiting to see what the Leeds supporters made of this one.

The overwhelming reaction from supporters was a massive thumbs up and that could have persuaded Radrizzani to take the plunge himself.

Of course, that might be just us being cynical but Radrizzani will be well aware of how sensitive this subject is now.

If you need reminding how bad the suggested badge was, here it is. If you don’t, look away now.

That badge was so badly received by the Leeds fans that it attracted over 77,000 signatures on a petition.

To be fair to Radrizzani, he did eventually listen to the Leeds fans and averted what could have been an absolute disaster.

And overall, he’s done so much good for the club that we can forgive him this one – admittedly huge – misstep.

There are no definitive plans to change the badge now but if it does happen again, we imagine that Radrizzani will consult with the fans properly before making any decisions.

And he might even be getting in touch with George Etherington.

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