Tranmere vice-chairman Nicola Palios has got into a discussion with Leeds United fans on Twitter after her club confirmed it wanted the League One season voided and relegation taken off the table. 

That’s a subject that’s close to the hearts of Leeds’ fans, who know that relegation and promotion from all leagues is vital if they want to secure promotion to the Premier League.

Clubs near the bottom of the top-flight have called for promotion to be taken off the table if the Championship doesn’t fulfil its fixtures.

Taking relegation off the table in any EFL league would set a dangerous precedent that would be seized on by some clubs in the Premier League.

The discussion started when Tranmere journalist Tom Cavilla outlined the official position of club chairman Mark Palios. Palios said the season should be voided and that points-per-game is “flawed”.

Nicol Palios replied saying, “If PPG had been used to determine the outcome last season, at the same point in the season, 3 out of the 4 teams who would have been relegated were not in fact relegated. Those who argue it is the “fairest” way are factually wrong.”

That attracted some Leeds fans who were willing to take the argument on.

One said that “Nobody is saying it’s perfect. But the season being derailed by a virus isn’t perfect either.”

He said that deciding on a points-per-game basis is the fairest way of deciding the season.

Another said it was self-interest, with Tranmere sitting in the relegation zone.

To be fair, Palios came back and said her club had suffered from injuries in the first half of the season (something Leeds fans know a lot about) and that Tranmere are currently on a run of three wins-in-a-row and have a game in hand.

That was given short shrift by another Leeds fan, perhaps a bit unfairly.

Another Leeds fan said that voiding a season with 80% of it already played would be “absolutely ridiculous”.

And another Leeds fan put it very eloquently when he said that any teams that ended in the bottom three after an average points-per-game was applied would deserve it.

He said it means Tranmere have been one of the worst three teams in the league so far.

We’re pretty impressed with the level of the debate here and Nicola Palios should get a lot of credit for engaging with fans from all clubs.

We can see her point, too. However, pointing out that certain teams that would have been relegated last season under PPG at this stage in the campaign went on to survive is pure recency bias.

If you look back at the tables through the years then it would even out, with the majority of teams sitting in the bottom three going on to be relegated.

It’s not a perfect system and we hope that the season can play out to a conclusion. If not – and that doesn’t look so likely in League One, unfortunately – we think points-per-game is the only way to do it, with promotion and relegation from all four leagues.

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