What a difference a year makes. Around this time last year, Leeds United were winning the FIFA Fair Play award after Marcelo Bielsa instructed his players to let Aston Villa score. 

That controversial moment came after Leeds scored when Villa thought they should have put the ball out of play.

The moment was posted up on the Sky Sports Twitter page last week and they said, “It was absolute chaos at Elland Road! Have you ever seen anything like that before?”

And we agree. Sporting integrity like that is a rare commodity in football.

And plenty of Leeds fans are now calling Aston Villa out for hypocrites as one of the six teams who want relegation taken off the table before they’ll vote to resume the season.

That could potentially mean Leeds missing out on promotion after dominating the Championship all season.

One Leeds fans put it perfectly when he said, “Where are their lectures on sportsmanship and morals now? Practise what you preach.”

Others were more direct with one supporter saying they were an “absolute disgrace” and another calling all the clubs involved “snakes”.

Hopefully, the rebel clubs won’t get their way on Monday, the Premier League will stand strong and Project Restart will get voted through.

These are unprecedented times and if that means playing in neutral venues, then it’s the same for everyone.

We say Villa should do their talking on the pitch and let their players do what they’re paid to do. And they should think back to the fuss they made about that incident just over 12 months ago.

Here are the best reactions from Leeds fans…

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