By Dave Woods

15th Oct, 2019 | 7:17am

MOT View: The bottom line as Radrizzani clarifies Times interview about Leeds investment

An interview given by Andrea Radrizzani to Martyn Ziegler from the Times made headlines in the football world on Monday.

The main thurst was that Radrizzani was considering an offer of investment from Qatar Sports Investment (QSI) and that there were two other interested parties – a wealthy fan from the US and an owner of an Italian football club.

There were some very juicy soundbites that media outlets picked up on – most notably, “they [QSI] have the possibility to bring this club to compete with Manchester City, so for the fans that could be a fantastic opportunity.”

However, after the interview was widely circulated, Radrizzani was moved to clarify one significant point on his Twitter account.

Radrizzani said, “Martyn, the talk was about how Leeds will be again competitive and how we are working hard to be back as a top club again …and eventually when makes sense open to other partners. Thank you.”

Ziegler replied, “Thanks Andrea – I’ve made it clear in the article that you will move only when the time is right.”

Radrizzani is a very successful businessman and knows how his words will be used. This interview wasn’t an accident and it definitely marked a ramping up of investment talk.

The interview was very detailed, talking about an offer that was on the table from QSI and from others – Radrizzani even said in the piece, “I’m giving you more information than I ever gave to anyone.”

However, despite what Ziegler has said, there’s little in the interview that relates to only taking investment when it’s needed.

The first paragraph says he is “considering an offer” and soon after that “bringing in a big investor would help to achieve his vision of taking Leeds to the very top of the beanstalk.”

Radriazzni is quoted in the piece as saying, “When I will open the door to others I don’t know, hopefully when we are in the Premier League. The financial support would be more important in the Premier League.”

However, it’s easy to lose that among the fairly sensational content – and Radrizzani only has himself to blame here. It’s a journalist’s job to paint a picture using the best materials that he’s got and Radrizzani gave out lots.

Radrizzani obviously feels that the emphasis of the interview went too far down the ‘investment now’ route and it certainly got plenty of fans excited.

However, bar the news of an actual offer on the table and clues about the two other interested parties, there’s not a lot new that hasn’t been said before.

If Leeds go up this season then it would make sense to take outside investment. With FFP restrictions in the Championship, it makes less sense.

However, if Leeds don’t go up this season then that could change. Radrizzani has said the current wage levels are unsustainable for a Championship side, with Marcelo Bielsa and his staff costing £6m a year.

They may well go if Leeds don’t get promoted this season and that could really hamper Leeds’ quest to get back in the top flight.

Now, more than ever, it’s looking like this is the year Leeds simply must win promotion.

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