By David Woods

9th May, 2020 | 8:37am

MOT View: First Sky Sports muted the Leeds fans, now they're set to mute the Leeds players

If you’ve been to Elland Road you’ll have heard a Leeds United song reserved for the paymasters at Sky Sports that you won’t get on the live TV broadcasts. 

We can’t reproduce the full lyrics here but you can probably guess them if we say it goes, “Sky TV is blanking blank”.

Sky Sports mute this whenever it kicks off at Elland Road.

If the 19/20 season does re-start then it will be behind closed doors with no fans. That takes care of one Leeds problem for the broadcasters.

However, according to the Sun, Sky and BT Sport are now set to mute the players too. And ironically, it’s the lack of noise from the fans that is causing the problem.

They’re concerned that the lack of noise in stadiums will mean that pitchside microphones will pick up bad language from the players on the pitch.

With games going out before the watershed it’s said that the broadcasters are considering taking the microphones away to avoid shouting being picked up by players or the dugouts.

The upshot – if it happens – is that there would literally be no noise from the game whatsoever, which is a problem in itself.

Could Sky and BT pipe in fan noises? We’d certainly be up for that and we’ve seen it happen before in the WWE, when the crowds weren’t responding the way the storylines were demanding.

It sounded weird then but it was a hell of a lot better than watching WWE with no crowd noises.

However, if it happens, don’t expect a certain song made popular by Leeds fans to be included, even after the watershed.

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