There are so many questions left to be answered before football restarts. 

One is about players and whether they should get a choice to play or not if they feel that it’s not safe.

Some players have elderly relatives living with them and we can understand why some will be concerned about returning to training and to full-contact football, especially after news of Brighton players testing positive was reported.

We think it’s right that players should get a choice – no one should be forced to play in these times.

However, this can’t be used by clubs as an excuse not to fulfill fixtures.

If players don’t want to play then clubs will need to look down their ranks to replace them. That’s what happens if a club goes down with an illness in normal times. The same rules should apply here.

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Clubs might cry foul but these are unprecedented times and there are no perfect solutions to what is in front of us.

What’s important is that the playing field is level and that the same rules apply to everyone.

Dynamo Dresden’s team has been put in a 14-day quarantine after two positive tests. They’re currently bottom of Bundesliga 2.

Three Brighton players have tested positive in the UK.

The Bundesliga is pushing ahead for its restart on Saturday with the Dresden game postponed. They have wriggle-room to slot in fixtures elsewhere.

The UK governing bodies must be willing to do the same and it could mean a much more congested schedule.

By the end of the scheduled fixtures, it may become apparent that the odd unplayed game won’t make any difference to the league table.

Getting this season done and then moving onto the next is hugely important for the Championship and the Premier League.

We hope that everyone has the stomach to move past the speed bumps and not just the clubs like Leeds with it all on the line.

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