Phil Hay has published a never-before-seen dossier from former Leeds United manager Don Revie. 

The 10-page hand-written document was written for Revie while he was manager of England and it’s a fascinating insight into a manager who was famed for his dossiers.

Hay says, “Nothing had more of Revie about it than the dossiers. This was England in 1974 and everyone knew about them, friend and foe. Page after page detailed the ins and outs of opposition teams and the files were an extension of Revie’s personality: ambitious, visionary, tinged with paranoia and laced with a compulsion to turn over every stone.

“Revie wanted to know everything he could about the teams he might face; everything and more. He wanted information on individual players, the tactical variations used by other managers, drills employed at set-pieces and specific strengths and weaknesses, irrespective of how minor the findings were.”

Remind you of anyone?

Bielsa has been described as obsessive in his approach to football by MOT Leeds News columnist Paul Robinson.

And that was revealed to the world when he held an extraordinary press conference last year after the Spygate scandal engulfed the club.

Bielsa might have access to technology and the sort of insight that Revie could only dream of. But look at the ‘dossiers’ underneath the screen in the Bielsa press conference.

There are reams and reams of documents contained in row-after-row of folders.

The link to Revie is fascinating and Leeds fans will love it.

Bielsa is already a legend but Revie is still rightly hailed as the greatest manager ever at Elland Road. He bought two league titles back to the club.

If Bielsa can finish the job this season and get Leeds back in the top-flight, he’ll be immortalised in fans’ eyes.

If he could kick on and bring the glory days back to the club he could well battle Revie for the top spot.

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