Leeds United Twitter is never quiet but today has been a particularly busy day, with one major issue towering above any other – Gjanni Alioski.

It’s been reported that the Leeds player has signed a pre-contract agreement with Galatasaray and Phil Hay has admitted that talk linking him to the Turkish club is “very strong”.

There are two arguments raging on Twitter.

The first is that Alioski will betray Leeds by moving to Galatasaray after the tragic events of 2000 in Istanbul.

It’s understandable. Feelings still run very high.

The other side of the argument is that Alioski doesn’t owe Leeds anything and is looking after himself with one big last contract.

Alioski was eight years old in 2000. What does he owe the club after seeing out his contract to the best of his ability on and off the pitch?

We can see both sides. And we can sympathise with fans on both sides of the debate.

However, one thing Alioski doesn’t deserve is the level of abuse that he’s currently getting from some quarters.

And Leeds fans don’t need to be turning on each other over something that’s still extremely painful, and that’s what’s happening all across Twitter at the moment.

It’s perhaps for the best for Alioski that there are no fans in stadiums at the moment as he’d get a pretty rough reaction from some fans based on what’s going around on social media.

There are some calm heads, thankfully.

And for us, this is the tweet.

Be kind. Be kind to other fans and be kind to Alioski. Remember the great things he’s done and don’t threaten to wipe his history because he wants to go somewhere where he’ll play regularly and earn good money.

As much as some think it is, this isn’t his fight.

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