Jamie Carragher has said that a few positive tests aren’t going to stop the English game from returning next month, and that the important thing for clubs now is to ensure they have a full squad that’s fit and healthy.

That’s more crucial for some teams than others. Liverpool are playing for their first-ever Premier League title on their return.

Leeds and West Brom are gunning for automatic promotion. A full squad will be a big boost towards ending the season in the top two.

Leeds United

Talking on The Football Show (Sky Sports, Tuesday, 9am), Carragher said that he’d heard that Liverpool were now keeping players away from danger spots such as supermarkets, with staff delivering food to their doors.

“It’s been really positive since they went back to training and testing started,” Carragher said. “It looks like they’ve been tested two or three times and very few positive tests have come back.

“The big worry is, look Premier League training grounds are probably the safest workplace in the country, but it seems players may be picking up symptoms outside the training ground.

“That’s a bit of a worry… They may actually say to players now ‘don’t go to the supermarket’. I’ve heard that Liverpool’s staff are sending food parcels or getting players’ food delivered.

“Two or three positive tests aren’t going to stop the league from starting. If you’re a football club you want to ensure your players are safe and sound and also that when they go back to playing in a month’s time that you have as much of your squad available as possible.”

leeds united

When Glenn Murray was talking on Sky Sports about blocking promotion to the Premier League if the Championship was ended early, one line stood out: “Footballers go to supermarkets too”.

Well yes, but they don’t have to.

The sensible route would now be to keep footballers cocooned and only allowed out for training and – eventually – games.

Leeds don’t have the biggest squad and we’ve struggled to cope without key players like Kalvin Phillips before.

The centre of defence is another potential weak spot.

No Leeds players tested positive in the first round of Coronavirus testing and there’s no reason that should change in the future if proper caution is exercised.

Marcelo Bielsa is a stickler for detail. Rob Price has been very pro-active in dealing with the Coronavirus issue.

We’re sure they’ll be on top of this – if not, they should definitely copy the Liverpool model and help ensure Leeds United have all their key players available for the big restart.

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