By Dave Woods

18th Oct, 2019 | 8:05am

MOT View: Leeds centenary shirt a missed opportunity for fans

Leeds announced their special centenary shirt on Thursday evening and it got a decidedly mixed response from the fans. 

The all-white kit features a drawstring design, the centenary badge and – controversially – the logos of sponsors 32 Red and Clipper, albeit in a subtle white.

The shirt will be worn as a one-off in the game against Birmingham on Saturday.

We’ve got two problems. The big one is the centenary badge that doesn’t fit with the classic design. Simple LUFC lettering would have been much better.

Then there’s the price. It comes with the ‘Official History of Leeds United’ book and in a presentation box, but £149 is a real eye-stinger.

Leeds is a commercial enterprise, we get it, but plenty of fans would have loved one of these and won’t be able to afford it.

It is being touted as a collector’s item, though, and only 1,919 have been made – all in large.

Leeds have obviously tried to think about everything. The shirt is getting worn on Saturday so the sponsors have to be on there.

However, if you’re creating a special edition for the fans, and a limited number, surely the sponsors could be left off that version?

The centenary badge was always a shoo-in but again we would have liked to see a nod to the badge of old. This is subjective, though, and some fans have no problem with it.

Overall, though, it’s the price that gets us. The Legends night was £200-a-pop, the shirt another £150. These aren’t being marketed at the fans and they’re the people who have made this club so special.

We think it’s a real missed opportunity.

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