By Dave Woods

19th Nov, 2019 | 10:08am

MOT View: Latest report on QSI/Leeds takeover short on detail, adds little to mix

It seems that everyone has a source on the possible Leeds United/QSI takeover. 

On Monday, ESPN reported that QSI are “getting a step closer” towards a takeover of the club after “positive talks”.

However, ESPN also claim that neither side is expecting an agreement imminently, with the report citing Brexit, a “difficult situation” at beIN Sport and feelings over Qatar itself as factors in the delay.

The report also claims that Andrea Radrizzani is being a “tough negotiator” and is in talks with two other parties.

The Leeds/QSI story is a very popular one, for obvious reasons. Some Leeds fans have been hypnotised by the possibility of big money catapulting the club into the upper echelons of the Premier League. Not all, though. Some are horrified at the prospect of taking money from Qatar.

But, when the Leeds owner goes on record saying the money from QSI could put the club in the same bracket as Man City, you can understand why fans are desperate for any new details.

Unfortunately, the ESPN story doesn’t really add anything to the mix.

We know talks are ongoing. We know from an earlier Times report that Radrizanni has three potential investors.

A report from L’Equipe had said QSI value the club between £51m and £69m (€60-80m), while the Athletic has said Radrizzani values it at £100m+.

With those two valuations, it would appear both sides are tough negotiators.

A source close to QSI told us that they want to buy more of Leeds than Radrizzani is willing to sell, and that the Leeds owners isn’t ready to walk away from the club he’s rebuilding.

The only snippets of information that the ESPN story adds are that QSI were thinking of buying QPR but decided to focus on Leeds instead, and that they claim a takeover is “getting closer” after positive talks.

That’s way too vague to hang anything on. We can’t see Radrizzani selling up when Leeds have a huge chance of promotion this season. And the two sides are a way apart in terms of valuation and also how much is up for sale.

Of course, putting everything on Leeds getting promoted is a risk – look what happened last season.

If nothing dramatic changes, Leeds will be in the mix come the end of the season but we’re currently not threatening to run away with the league.

For now, it seems talks will carry on and we imagine regular reports like the ESPN one will keep the story ticking along in public. Neither side seems to want to keep the talks private.

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