By David Woods

12th Jul, 2020 | 7:00pm

MOT View: Former Lord Mayor apologises for appalling attack on Leeds legend, but it's not enough

There was an outpouring of grief and tributes paid to the Leeds United legend Jack Charlton when he sadly passed at the age of 85 on Friday. 

However, former Lord Mayor and current York councillor Dave Taylor decided it was appropriate to attack Charlton on Facebook.

He posted, “Jack ‘Bloodsports’ Charlton is dead. Good.” He followed this up with other offensive remarks on his Facebook account, all because of Charlton’s love of fishing and shooting.

At least one person has formally complained following the remarks according to the York Press saying, “This is an appalling and offensive lack of respect for the dead by a former Lord Mayor and serving council member who should resign immediately.”

Since then, Taylor has apologised saying, “I’ve clearly upset a lot of people with my comment about Jack Charlton’s involvement in bloodsports. I apologise for causing offence.”

This is clearly not enough and if Taylor had any moral standing he would resign immediately.

Taylor is a Green Party councillor and if he won’t remove himself from office, they should make moves to file misconduct charges.

Whatever your view on shooting and fishing, it’s never right to post material like this.

What about Charlton’s family? Are they not worthy of any empathy in the eyes of Taylor?

It’s clearly not acceptable for a person who is supposed to serve the public to hold views like this and posting them on a public forum shows an alarming lack of awareness and humanity.

An apology isn’t enough and if the Green Party want to retain any semblance of credibility then they should make a statement and take action immediately.

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