By Dave Woods

9th Oct, 2019 | 1:18pm

MOT View: Dorigo spot on about Leeds boo-boys and Patrick Bamford

Patrick Bamford picked up a small minority of boo-boys last season.

It started at Preston in the warm-up ahead of the game and Bamford answered back then in the best way possible, scoring two goals.

Talking after the game to Leeds Live he said, “I remember when we were warming up and I scored in the warm-up a couple of fans, I don’t know how many it was, were jeering sarcastically when I scored and I thought ‘Jesus Christ, really?’.”

Despite some good performances, the grumbling over Bamford has been growing again this season.

He started off the season well, scoring four goals in the first five games, but he’s blanked in the last six.

Some fans want Eddie Nketiah to start ahead of him and we wouldn’t mind a change up top. But we’re not going to boo any of our players, irrespective of whether they’re going through a tough patch.

For the record, Bamford put in an amazing shift without scoring in the 1-0 win against West Brom. He’s wasting chances but the point remains that he’s creating opportunities and his luck has to change soon. He hasn’t suddenly become a bad player.

Tony Dorigo mentioned Bamford in a recent blog post about boo-boys and made some really good points.

“The curious case of fans booing their own players has never ceased to surprise me. Brought into focus earlier in the season when Patrick Bamford was momentarily targeted by a micro section of the Leeds fans, the boo-boys had locked in their target. As a player, I never ‘got’ the reasoning. Now, more as a fan, I get it even less. 

“However, one thing is sure; you want the best for your football team. Then why boo one of your own? Do you really think you are helping and supporting your team? maybe you actually think that manager Marcelo Bielsa will ditch his top-level experience and super detailed knowledge of the player and how he fits into his tactics because……a few fans made booing noises in the stand? Makes perfect sense doesn’t it!

“I can honestly say in all the years I’ve played at the highest level and then subsequently watched football matches, nothing good ever comes of booing one of your players — only degrees of negativity.”

Fans have got the right to express themselves but this needs to stay within the boundary of what is good for the team.

Not happy with the performance after the final whistle? Fell free to let the team and manager know what you think.

But booing or jeering a player in the warm-up, or while a game is going on?

Do that and you can’t call yourself a fan. Dorigo has got it right – it’s the sort of thing we don’t need at Elland Road.

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