By Dave Woods

10th Jul, 2019 | 7:33am

Mills reveals Jansson breaking point

Plenty has been said about Pontus Jansson being sold to Brentford and the move has stoked up some real anger among a section of the Leeds fanbase. 

That wasn’t helped when Jansson went on record in an interview with Aftonbladet to say that Leeds had sold him to balance the books. 

The noise coming from Leeds was that he was sold because he was a “disruptive influence” and that narrative has been backed up by top pundit Danny Mills.

Talking to Football Insider, Mills said he had spoken to the club after Jansson left and found out the real reason behind his departure.

The “final straw” for Bielsa was when Jansson demanded more time off after his international matches this summer.

“The reason he fell out with Leeds was because he wanted extra time off after the summer internationals,” Mills said. “He kept asking Bielsa and Bielsa kept saying ‘no’. It came to the point where Bielsa said, ‘that’s enough’. Jansson wanted special treatment and Bielsa wasn’t willing to give it to him. He has a firm plan for the direction the team is going and was not willing to change that. All of the others players, including those who played end-of-season internationals, were happy to come back. Jansson felt he deserved more time off. That was the final straw for Bielsa.”

Jansson came back late last summer, too, and missed the start of the season, with Bielsa not convinced of his fitness. He only started once in the first six games – and the club got off to a fast start without him then, winning five and drawing one of the games.

We doubt either Mills or the club are fabricating this and it doesn’t smack of a player willing to put it all on the line – as so many of the Leeds fans believe of the combative centre-back.

Leeds have a real shot at promotion next season and every point is valuable. The club needs players who are willing to give everything from the start. It appears that Jansson was only willing to do that on his terms.