By Daniel Feliciano

30th Sep, 2022 | 6:10pm

Leeds United fans shafted again as Premier League announce changes for Liverpool fixture

If there’s one thing that all football fans, including Leeds United’s fans, can agree on is that the Premier League don’t actually care about us.

So often we hear about how the league and the TV companies that have the rights to show games want to make decisions, and it’s clear as day that they haven’t though about fans when coming to their conclusion.

That was the case once again on Friday morning when it was announced that Leeds’ trip to Anfield will now take place on 29 October with a 19:45 kick-off, instead of the initial time of 2pm on Sunday 30 October.

The reason for the change? To put the game live on Sky Sports.

Never mind the fact it’s only a month of notice and that the vast majority of travelling fans will have already made plans for how to get there with hotels or train tickets, but there’s zero assessment done on what happens that night now.

Leeds fans simply won’t be able to get home if their method of travel is the train, as the final train of the night is due to depart at 21:08 – which will be about 20 minutes into the second half of the game according to The Times’ Henry Winter.

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So not only will fans potentially be out of pocket because a fixture change that was completely out of their hands and not necessary, but they’ll now have to fork out even more money to attend to find an alternative method home.

Driving won’t be much better either, with scheduled roadworks on the M62 that night meaning the journey is likely to take even longer than usual.

At what point do fans have enough and start to really take action?

Will the Premier League and TV companies take notice if fans just stop attending games, making them less of a spectacle and protesting that someone starts to pay attention to these things?

Who knows. But fans are almost too loyal for their own good at this point. That Anfield away section will be full to the brim on that Saturday night and the fans will sing until they’re blue in the face.

Then they’ll trek home, getting home at all sorts of hours of the morning after a win, loss or draw and nobody will talk about the nonsense that came before it until the next time it happens.

Something needs to change, but unfortunately this time it’s Leeds fans that have been slapped in the face.

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